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Welcome to the TRTAR site. In here you will find information about a story that is being created using Microsoft Power Point. For more information choose a page in the menu above, each page contains a specific information about the story. The site will be updated regurarly and you can always check for updates in this same page and don't forget to sign the Guest Book.



- Hi today is a big day. TR:The Awaited Return Part 1 Released ! Check the progress page to download it.
- The story is going to be released in parts because it's much easier to me. I hope you enjoy it :)

- New Cover
- New Team Name
- Progress Page Updated

Storyline Page changed
- A new cover coming soon to replace the old one.
- Credits page changed, we have a new member on the team
- Site has a new logo

- Credits Page are finished and corrected.
- New background image for the site. Way better than that blue one which was a boring one :p
- Stella's Walkthroughs of Tomb Raider link on this website, scroll down to the very bottom to check it out. We are trying to make this site known so more people can be interested in this project.
- Mini-Chat was removed because I thought it was unecessary and then I'm not able to delete certain comments.
- I started yesterday writting the 6th Level. I'm really trying to make it interesting to read so I am trying to reduce the walkthrough words. Lots of characters enter in the story, to confuse your idea about who is to return because there are many who return. But that doesn't mean that the characters to return are from previsous TR's. It might be or not.
- Every level has a specific story that is by all reasons linked to the main plot. So sometimes there's action, adventure, horror, suspense and so on.
- The 2nd trailer is coming soon and is being made by trtrailerman.  

- Lack of Uptades, sorry about that. I've been a little busy around here.
- Big.D quit from writting but he said he would help me correcting grammar mistakes.
- 2nd and 3rd Level finished writting, time to put them on the powerpoint. When a level reaches 90% of completition it means it has been finished but not written on powerpoint. 101% it means that the level has been checked and there are no apparental grammar mistakes and it's readh to roll.
- Some images coming soon.

- Added a miscellanious box to the home page, scroll down to check it out. It contains the visitors number, starting from today, and freewebs trademark.
- Progress page has some new modifications, check the level list. 
I decided to add a read me file in a notepad for a quicker acess.
- The Chat Box is finally up ! Check the guestbook page and start a conversation there if you wish.

- Added a Survey page. Check it out and submit your answers.
- Progress, Credits page have been modified.
- Big D is on the team ! He already started writting the level he choosed.
- 2nd Level is almost finished, then I'm going to write it on Power Point

- 1st Level is finally completed
- 2nd is now in progress. 
- Added a new album to the Photo Gallery, it contains 3 new screens.
- Check the progress page to see how many slides were done until now.

- Croft Manor completed.
- Instructions Document is completed too, it will be usefull and it's a recomendation. It helps the reader to understand some basics. When facing a problem you will be able to check that document or check "Quick Tutorial" in the Power Point to help you.
- Changed the welcome box image, which now is the cover of the story.
- Added 3 new screens to the album, in the Photo Gallery. Soon I'll be adding a few more.
- The Credits page is now more organized.
- The Link for the trailer was removed, I posted the video instead.

- Croft Manor is almost done. I just need to get some new screens and then it's done.
- Check the progress page to see how many slides were done till now.
- The 1st level will eventually be started tomorrow and finished in the same day.

- Added the trailer to the progress page.
- Also added the cover and the mark.

- Tomb Raider: The Awaited Return Site Now Online !